Audiobooks – Narrated by Me

My fascination for storytelling and narration might have started in Mrs. Zitella’s first grade class. Mrs. Zitella, with her curly brown locks and freshly polished toenails, would never fail to situate herself on a rocking chair every day after recess. She’d read and flip the book around so we could see the pictures and slowly helicopter it across the room so we could all see the pictures that made the story burst into life.

But it definitely became more real of a passion when I read Percy Jackson and the Olympian series to my sister at bed time. I would get a real kick out of creating different style voices to impersonate each character. The real goof in me loved it and the theatrical side of me obsessed over how I could bring each character to life. Although the exaggerated (possibly borderline annoying) vocals are no longer part of my studio work, I’m ecstatic to share with you my love for narration with these wonderful authors below:

Isaiah’s Story by Jennifer Ross

Summary: On August 3, 2008 at nineteen weeks and three days pregnant Jennifer and her husband said a heartbreaking goodbye to their son Isaiah. Jennifer suffered from a condition called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. With only a thirty percent chance of survival, Jennifer was instructed to have labor induced due to this life-threatening condition. Isaiah’s Story chronicles Jennifer’s emotionally traumatic journey through the personal struggles that she faced, mixed with the beautiful hope that she clings to. Take the journey through this mother’s eyes, heart, and soul as she brings to life a little boy who was here for a short time but who has touched many lives with the telling of Isaiah’s Story.

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