When God is Absent

We know the phrase, “it’s only human” to be used when a situation brings out a part in us that we really have no control over. Essentially, it’s meant to excuse ourselves for any intense emotions, responses or thoughts that we are helpless in combating. And in most situations, when life seems to get all […]

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Lately I’ve been low key stalking Instagram accounts and YouTube channels of families or couples that have dedicated their lives to tiny living. Whether that be in a motor home, RV, van or school bus converted into a mobile home…my eyes can’t seem to remove themselves from the posts of delightful mini stoves, collapsible dinettes, […]

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A Woman’s Place

We’ve come a long way since the days of discouraging women from achieving executive level positions or barring them from setting their sights on higher education. It’s been a trying and tedious road at times, yet the journey is far from finished. I still wrestle with the idea of what a “woman’s place” is and […]

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The Incompetent God

The Age of Knowledge has made way for an era of mindless consumption. Streaming has allowed the old, the young and the barely functioning toddler to binge watch at an accessible and frightening high rate. Videos are everywhere, teasers are sprouting from every social media platform and series are constantly being thrown into our feed […]

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Scattered and Broken

It goes a little something like this: I can never tell if I wake in the morning from the ever pressing cold (which somehow finds it way through the layers of blankets and overthrows I attempt to smother myself in) or to the persistent chirps and meows of my cat’s desperate plea for his morning […]

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To Love or To Leave?

Reconsidering a relationship because of abuse and adultery is one thing, but leaving for the sake of simply not feeling it one morning is different. That wonderful man or woman you vowed to love and hold for all the days of your life, will always come shy of pure bliss. No matter who you end […]

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Make a Decision

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I… …couldn’t decide. Even if you’re not familiar with Robert Frost, you probably know that’s not how the poem goes. But that newly edited version is a fine reflection of what my decision making process looks like. Not all of it of course. Let’s not fall under […]

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