The Call to Worship

I worship 24/7, 365 days a year (I can even outperform fitness centers that claim to be open all day every day). This includes holidays. Even the minor ones like Waffle Day, Winnie the Pooh Day or even National Hug Your Cat Day (it’s not so fun for my cat, but it’s great for me). Time off isn’t a concept for me — that’s simply fool’s talk.

Worshiping is who I am, it’s what I’m made of and without a doubt, I know it’s what I’m born to do. Please do not misunderstand. I am not showcasing my devout and pious character, for if this were a competition, I will always reign supreme. I’ll go so far as to even say, if there existed a game in the Olympics for best worshiper, I would win.

Gold medal.

National Anthem.

Big brand sponsorships.

The works.

Yes, there I’ve said it. I excel at the very act. In Erin I trust. The Gospel According to Erin and a firm fanatic of believing, “if I can, then I will.” A founding member and believer of Erin-iasm, which rooted it’s not so humble beginnings in 1995 (oops, did I just date myself?).

And its not just me. There’s an altar dressed in the finest metals and precious gems carefully placed on its golden pillars within each of our hearts. Like children assigning roles of mommy and daddy in a lighthearted game of house, we don our royal garb and play a not so innocent role of God. Was that not our crime to begin with? We love knowing our life is ours to control and with that knowledge, never fail to worship ourselves.

Every morning comes with a fight. A fight to not think about what my ever growing agenda is, but rather, to hear the will of my Savior’s voice in my life and in my work.

Every decision I make, I wrestle. Wrestle to discern whether this next step will become an offering at the temple I’ve made for myself or if it will become a pleasing aroma to my God.

The call to worship has become the jeering and insatiable hunger to satisfy myself. For we love that “golden image” and its bewitching shine (Daniel 3:5, ESV). It tells us stories of what can be, what could be and gives just enough to keep us leaning in for more. The most frightening ploy is the one it allows us to see in its reflection; there is no evil here, no devil with horns and eyes wanting and leering you into the dark.

Fire and brimstone doesn’t exist in this illusion, but rather, the yearning of the most simple and often the most innocent. This ungodly worship can be best described by Paul as the inevitable battle between flesh and spirit; for I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate (Romans 7: 15, ESV).

I worship because without it, I do not know what else I can be or who I can become. And that is a daily struggle. Knowing how weak I am against the shrines I create for myself and how empty and hollow they leave me.

My God, help me to worship you. Remove the sin stained veil that blinds my eyes from seeing your complete majesty and keeps me from truly knowing you for the awesome God you are.

Give me the grace to turn my back against the comfort I love, the security I treasure and the financial gains I seek. Give me the mercy and faith to only bend the knee for the King who bled, the King who suffered and the King who died for this undeserving wretch like me.


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